in Divine proximity of Shree Mahesha, the vision of the organization is to discover divine men from ordinary men through campaign the yog awareness marching and thus to propagate and spread the real path of life, created by Acharya Shree Mahesha for any one who want to travel their life journey on this path and develop one self spiritually. the five basic virtues of the real path of life are service (Seva), holymeeting (Satsang), Sadhana (Yogabhyas-Yog Practice), Samata (Absolute Balance) and Swasthaya (Complete Health, The Harmonious Synergy Between Body, Mind and Soul) are the milestone of The Real Path Of Life and sixth is the ultimate peach (Param Shanti) It is the Reasult Of TRPOL. In the divine proximity of Shree mahesha a huge body of volunteers yog Sadhakas, devoteer and fellow travellers of TRPOL Are avtively working that in order to propagate the divine massage of shree mahesha. So much spiritual and cultural activities arrenged througn out every yrs since last 22 yrs for a divine careness and noble vision of

  • Happy, healthy and holistic humanity.
  • Awake inner potential power to make life successful in every positive aspects.
  • Spiritual upliftment to be real religistic with higher state of consciousness and create harmonious synergy between body, mind and soul to achieve the ultimate goal of human life.

Achharya Shree Mahesha always said in his initiative sermon that “as you serve so you reap” this is the law of nature. service, love, peach, health, happiness only get to give up them.

He said serve good which you have by god compassion those are knowledge, health guidence througn yoga, peach, love, prosperity, yog sadhana, good thoughts, success, affluence accomplishments, Satsang and service to needful people and thus discharge our righteous action and duties towards humanity. And thus improve inter faith harmony and communal unity to make planet as a one world family that is

“Vasudhev Kutumbkam”

 If people heartily accept the above slogan means the world is a family and comes on the real path of life as a fellow travelers, as a result we get happy, healthy and holistic humanity.

The person who is on the real path of life that suggest that he/she is divine and excellent and affable.

The journey on the real path of life transfer the Sadhakas life very politely without any undesirable jerk. 

For this divine vision and careness the organization doing so many spiritual, cultural, yogic and health awareness activities in personal, social, rural, urban, city, national and international level.

— For this —

To arrange indoor and outdoor yog science camp any where in the country and abroad in order to propagate ancient Vedic science of yog therapy.

To arrange Satsang Shibir and deliver spiritual Pravachan divine yog Sadhaka and devotees.

To awake people about the complete health of body, mind and soul that is called real “Swasthaya” and as a remedy for it to evalvate the yog science by arranging “Yog science and yog chikitsa camp” to awake peoples regarding yoga and create awarness about important of yoga in human life in personal and social level.

To follow the principal of equality and to motivate fellow travelers to accomplish this virtue in his life and behaviors.

To visit the under developing rural area, place needed service related to human wellness, go to area of victims natural disaster, also visit under privileged people and tribal area with the team of volunteers, divine yog Sadhaka to serve and to provide clothes, food materials to helpless, poor and needful peoples.

To arrange free of charge medical camp to provide and distribution of medicine to backward area and serve all type of Treatment and to give primary education and guidance for personal hygiene and prevention of disease to keep healthy life.


Shree Mahesha & His Follow Travelers of The Real Path Of Life also actively working on……

  1. Communal unity and interfaith harmony (Vasudev Kutumbkam)
  2. Encouraging personal responsibility towards, world, nation, society, human being, every living animal and nature cycle.
  3. Creating violence free stress free, addiction free society.
  4. To arrange indoor and outdoor yog science camp any where in the country and abroad in order to propagate ancient verdict science of yog therapy.
  5. To serve and awake people about complete health that include physical, mental and spiritual well beaing (Swasthay) By Evaluate methods of treatment through a Scientific approach of theoretical and practical yoga and Ayurveda.
  6. To Propagate Pranayama a scientific, ultimate the basic treatment method for all curable and incurable diseases so that the all kind of people of society may avail its benefits in order to attain sound health.
  7. Through the Real path Of Life to realize the visions of healthy, happy and holistic, peaceful, prosperous, society far form cast, creed, class, stress, violence, fanaticism through motivating people to adopt yoga as a regular and necessary practice that Is

“Divya Nitya Yog Sadhana”

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