In the divine proximity Of Acharya Shree mahesha, a huge body of volunteers, Yog Sadhakas, devotees are as the fellow travelers of the real path of life are activity working that in order to propagate divine massage of yog vidhya.

To create happy, healthy and holistic humanity and realize the dream of positive, potential society far from caste, creed and class, the huge body of fellow travelers and attached volunteers, yog sadhakas, devotees awake the numbers of social people regarding the ultimate aim of life and take them on the real path of life to guide and give the real direction and gait of life progress spiritually.

“Divya Yog Parivar (Divine Yog Family) Is Free From Inter Cast Problems, religion, differences, biasness, egoism, Misleads and casteism & Always Trying with open both the Hand, welcomes and accept all to built a bridge of soulmateness between human beings.

The Value of This Great Family (DYP) Evident Even From That Thing The Each And every Members Of this Family Connected Each Other With Soulmatness Intimacy and marching on The Real Path Of Life With divine Goal.

A Large Numbers of Divine Yog Sadhakas Of DYP Are participate and Contributes Their service according to self interest and talent for social and spiritual Activities of organization to externalize the divine vision and aim of TRPOL.

  • Self Development (spiritual development)
  • live each other with the concept of world Brotherhood (Vasudhev Kutumkam)
  •  Soul Intimacy
  • Self welfare in all welfare
  • Serve good to other which is you have by god boon
  • Care and be aware for mother nature & Trees
  • Motivate People for Transferring Positively by self Transformation
  • Be aware of Complete Health
  • To understand the reason and aim of birth and life
  • Firm determination of goal, Direction, path and motion of life
  • Understand the real and basic definition of Religion (Dharm)

Important matters like above, keep in front of eye, a large community of Divya yog Parivaar always welcomes you for to be fellow traveler of the real path of life and say all together “we are in divine love with god come with us on the real path of life to be happy, healthy and holistic under the bless rain of god”.

Yogacharya shree mahesha created TRPOLs Divine Fellow Travelers Means the Devine Yog Family (Divya yog Parivar)

Every Sadhaka Of DYP are desirous To Travels On the real path of life with courageous firm Determination for the supreme goal of life, with keeping the spirit of unity in the heart and free from all type of discrimination like cast, creed, Gender, Colour, Age, Education, Language and country, Always Ready To Welcomes anybody with divine love in Heart . The numbers of sadhaka with above noble willing, make a communion Family is called as “Divya Yog Parivar”.

The Real Path Of Life Guided By Acharya Shree mahesha, The Fellow Travelers Of This Path Always Reddy To Serve Optimal Good Of Them To Society, Nation And to World They do this to get more Optimal to Give to all and thus they realize service (Seva), HollyMeeting (Satsang), Sadhana (Yogic Practice) Samta (Absolute Balance Of Mind), Swasthya (Complete Health), Shanti (Peach).

Free From intercast discriminalation, Religious blind Trust, Egoistic ostentation, The divya yog parivar create a example of unity and holy intimany by welcoming and accepting all with aparting both hand.

  • Always ready to serve needful people (Seva)
  • Regular in Nitya Sadhana For self Development (Sadhana)
  • Regular Satsang in divine proximity of achharya to develope suble discernity of adhyatma
  • Equality and good will for all religion and other people with absolute mind balance  (Samta)
  • Always aware and active for complete health and promote others for complete health through Yog (Swasthay)
  • And keeping consciousness for the ultimate goal of life that is param Shanti (Peach)

With above discretion in life every sadhaka of DYP devotionally very active to serve the best of organization to the world peoples without any partiality.

With the god bless and divine guidence of sadguru achharya,with keeping firm determination will and devotion in heart to travel on the real path of life,first self spiritual development and then all development is the basic understanding of all sadhaka of DYP.

Members of dyp always chant

Sarve Shukhinah Bhavantu, Sarve Santu Niramaya.
Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu Maa Kachit Dukh: Mapnuyat

And for this always well coming all to be fellow Traveller of the real path of life

They always keep in heart the geist and devotion that…

  • With the god bless sadguru achharya select me and give me the oppotunity for divine activites of organization to uplift and effectual my Life.
  • The Organization give the opportunity to serve the optimal of me to people, society, nation and world. I will devotionally wit regard to this chance
  • Always keeping my self free from inferiority complex and negativity on the real path of life. as a fellow travelers of Divy Yog Parivar, i will always be ready and responsible for divine activities of organization.
  • I will always remain firm devotionally towards god, towards yog, towards sadguru accharya, towards organization and also pramot others to be fellow Travellers of TRPOL.
  • The aim, objective and vision of TRPOL is also the aim, objective and vision of my life, my welfare is includeed in it. i will always promptly Ready to obey my holy duty.
  • I Feel blessedness for opportunity to do self less karmyog under the divine super vision of achharya shree to propagate and spred yog & Ayurveda To creat a happy, healthy and holistic humenity
  • To live hazardious addiction free life and for spiritual development on the real path of life the ” Nitya Yog Sadhana” will be a part of my life and i will promots others for yog sadhana.
  • Surender, pudency, friendiness for all religion and all creatures, all these virtues will be a part of my individuality.
  • I am on the real path of life after understanding the real defination of religion and always ready to well come and be fellow Travellers of TRPOL For Others.
  • Every Divine activities of organization are the commandment of god through my Sadguru achharya and it is my personal Responsibility to do my optimal efferts devotonaly.
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