Shree Mahesha

With the grace and bless of lord shiva, from the begining of childhood, Yogacharya Shree Mahesha  has conclude the yog as a way of life, and with essence of long practice of yogic sadhna and meditation of self experience, he creat TRPOL (the real Path of life). and since last 25 Years Shree mahesha dedicate his life For This divine activities.

Yogacharya Belive That First and formost Individual self ameliration and then uplift the social level to creat Happy, Healthy and holistic humenity. Acharya Guide Voluteers Yog sadhakas By His Self behavior and Promote Sadhaka For the Real Path Of life.

Througn The Huge Camp Of Yog Shivir, Achharya awake People For The Real Path Of Life and Guide Volunteers Sadhaka and devotees and people who want to be fellow Travellers of the real path of life to make their life journey joyful, interesting and successful. and thus shree mahesha also indicate the ultimate goal of life.

Shree Mahesha play a role like light house for peoples who are unaware of the ultimate aim of life and wendering undirectionally. and also for once who depressed and unhappy with his life, mentally ill and physically suffering from many disease and on trapped in fanaticism.

Shree Mahesha has combine the yogic science, adhyatmic science, humen psychology, ayurved and also useful criteria of mordern medical Science and create dominant and vital way of life that is the real path of life. and offered it to humanity to cure and prevet various Type of physical and mental disorders througn the natural way of treatment.

Acharya Shree Mahesha always ready to work for Happy, Healthy, holistic, peachful and prosperous humenity. and him self acrtivity work and promoting every sadhakas of DYP (Divya Yog Parivar) Persistently.

May be there are very differentiation in success, Education, earning, Quality of every Humen. But at the level of spirit all are equal, this divine attitute always have in the Heart of acharya. He Behave Equally and intimetely with all.

His Abstruse study of yogic scripture and transedental experirence of self practiced yogabhyas and with the inspiration of Shivji. He make a Way for complate self development for any one who want to grow spiritually infact.

Happy, Healthy and holistic humenity is the divine dreams of yogacharya.

Think good, get good, feel good, give good.

With this principle and without any type of borderism of cast ,religion and gender, with the noble vision of discovering divine men from ordinary men, achharya work the personal level and soial level with huge body of fellow Traveler Of TRPOL.

Acharya Shree Mahesha  belive in all world is a family That is the divine idiology of vasudhev kutumbkam. and his noble feeling of this idiology inspired him to do selfless yogic, adhyatmik, spiritual, cultural, edicational and health awareness and various type of neccesory serviceable activities for society. so we can also called it is a Divine “karma yagna”

Shree Mahesha says “that is my gennune efforts to reviving ancient indian yogic science inform of that is relevent to morden life style of every type of people of society.

In his initiative sormon Shree Mahesha always said serve good which you have by god compassion those are peach knowledge, health guidance through yoga, happiness, prrosperity, yog sadhana, good thoughts, success, affluence, accomplishments, satsang, service to needful people and discharge our righteous action and duties towards humanity and thus improve interfaith harmony and communal unity to make planet as a our world family that is

“Vasudhev Kutumbkam”

Shree Mahesha

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