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Complete Health Course Online

Complete health is possible and it’s your right to realize through yog. 

S M Y A’s online yoga CH course can play a significant role in promoting complete health and well-being. Here are some important aspects of online yoga classes in this regard:

Physical Health: CH Yoga course helps improve flexibility, strength, and balance. Regular practice can alleviate physical ailments such as back pain, arthritis, and improve cardiovascular health. Online classes provide accessible and guided sessions to enhance physical well-being.


Mental Health: CH Yoga course is known for its stress-reduction benefits. It can help manage anxiety, depression, and promote relaxation. Online classes offer a convenient way to access mindfulness and meditation techniques, enhancing mental health.

Convenience: Online CH Yoga course eliminate the need for commuting, making it easier for individuals to incorporate yoga into their daily routine. This convenience encourages consistency, which is crucial for achieving long-term health benefits.

Specialization: Our Online platforms offer a wide range of yoga styles and Courses. Whether you’re interested in Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, or specialized practices like prenatal or therapeutic yoga, you can find Courses that suit your needs and preferences.

Accessibility: S M Y A’s Online yoga CH Yoga course are accessible to people of all ages and physical abilities. They can be adapted for individuals with mobility issues or other health concerns. This inclusivity promotes overall health for a diverse range of participants.

Community and Support : trainee may join D Y P(DIVYA YOG PARIVAR)an yogic virtual communities where participants can connect, share experiences, and offer support. Building a sense of community can be beneficial for emotional well-being.

Cost-Effective: our Online yoga course is more affordable. This affordability makes yoga more accessible to a broader population, promoting health equity.

Self-Paced Learning: our Online course allow participants to go at their own pace, which can be particularly helpful for beginners. It encourages gradual progress and minimizes the risk of injury.

Holistic Approach: S M Y A’s Online CH Yoga course isn’t just about physical postures; it encompasses breathing techniques, meditation, and mindfulness. Online classes often include these components, offering a holistic approach to health.

Lifelong Practice: Yoga can be practiced throughout one’s life, making it a valuable tool for maintaining health as you age. Online classes can cater to individuals of all ages, ensuring that everyone can benefit from this practice.

In summary, S M Y A’s Online CH Yoga course offer a convenient, accessible, and holistic approach to promoting complete health, addressing physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Incorporating yoga into your routine can contribute to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Upcoming Batch

Current Month
Date - 1st, 5th,10th
Date - 15th, 20th, 25th

Course Duration

60 Days



Course Fees

9000 ₹

Individual Online CH course  available

Online training guidance through live & pre-recorded video session 
Instruction Language English, Hindi, Gujarati

Online Class Monday, Wednesday, Friday (3 Day in a Week)

Online CH course within minimum 5 candidate avilable

Session will be through Zoom, Google Meet,Mobile App or any other suitable audio visual media 

Q & A live session
for doubts 

Self pace online course also available


Very special

Individual learning

directly from

main source 



You may start form bellow dates of current month

Banch strating Date Duration Time Days Location
Date - 1st 60 Days 7 PM to 8 Pm Mon/Wen/Fri Zoom/Gmeet Online sessions
Date - 5th 60 Days 7 PM to 8 Pm Mon/Wen/Fri Zoom/Gmeet Online sessions
Date - 10th 60 Days 7 PM to 8 Pm Mon/Wen/Fri Zoom/Gmeet Online sessions
Date - 15th 60 Days 7 PM to 8 Pm Mon/Wen/Fri Zoom/Gmeet Online sessions
Date - 20th 60 Days 7 PM to 8 Pm Mon/Wen/Fri Zoom/Gmeet Online sessions
Date - 25th 60 Days 7 PM to 8 Pm Mon/Wen/Fri Zoom/Gmeet Online sessions
Notice Board
  • Prior notice is must in case of practitioners having any type of injuries, any health issue or any adequet reason for absence in class.
  • In Case of any type of change in timing schedual, will be inform in prior by organazation through Whatsapp or Email
  • In case of missing the class due to adequet and proper reason, trainee can attend the missed session according to reapitation schedual setup by organazation
  • Any type of perticualr query or in case of personal and & special inquirey please send message on WhattsAPP on 7211183571
  • Online joined trainee may also come on center for traning or practice in person.
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