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Yog Teacher Training Course

Create a firm and solid foundation of yogic training to transferring self life and to guide people who need it.

Authentic & perfect academic training in yogic educate.

S M Y A’S Yog teacher training is of significant importance for both aspiring yoga instructors and dedicated yoga practitioners.

YTTC of SMYA  a specifically designed yogic course include perfect training for tutoring yogasana, all main pranayamas, meditations, basic preparation of body and mind for Yog Sadhana, Yog Mudras and also relaxation therapy, practically Mantra chanting and much more.

S M Y A’s yoga teacher training is vital for anyone seeking to deepen their practice, gain a comprehensive understanding of yoga, and share this ancient tradition with others. It is a transformative journey that cultivates personal growth, community, and the ability to guide and inspire students on their yoga path.

So don’t miss opportunity for your yogic carrier. Respect your wish, Respect your will, Respect your talent, join the YTTC of SMYA & start your life journey on the real path of life. 

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Date - 1st, 5th,10th
Date - 15th, 20th, 25th

Course Duration

60 Days



What you get and how this course will prepare you

  • First and foremost you will get the real path of life
  • Be an authentic certified yog teacher who is eligible and competent to guide people for yog
  • Prepare yourself and then other for health & happiness
  • This course makes you capable for organize and conduct a yoga seminar workshop
  • Be a perfect tutor and mentor for yogasanas, Pranayam & Meditation
  • Live a financially self reliant happy life
  • On the based yoga join people with deep intimacy
  • The YTTC of SMYS will improve public speaking , communication and communication skill
  • YTTC Prepare your body & mind for advance yoga course
  • For In-depth knowledge and understanding: our Yoga teacher training programs provide comprehensive education about various aspects of yog, including philosophy, origin of yog , aim of yog ,science of yogasana ,pranayama , and meditation. This knowledge enables teachers to guide their students safely and effectively while deepening their own practice.
  • Skill development: Teacher training programs focus on refining teaching skills, including communication, demonstration, and observation. Aspiring teachers learn how to effectively instruct and guide students through yoga postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation methods.
  • Personal growth: S M Y A’s Yoga teacher training is a transformative experience that goes beyond the physical practice. It encourages self-reflection, personal growth, and spiritual development. Trainees delve into yoga philosophy, explore mindfulness practices, and cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves.
  • Building a solid foundation: our Teacher training establishes a strong foundation in yoga. Trainees learn the history and philosophy of yoga, the benefits of each posture, and the anatomical alignment principles. This knowledge helps teachers create well-rounded and balanced classes.
  • Enhanced self-practice: Teacher training encourages participants to deepen their personal practice. Trainees learn advanced asanas, pranayama techniques, and meditation practices. This deepening of personal practice not only improves their physical abilities but also helps them embody the teachings of yoga.
  • Community and support: Yoga teacher training creates a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Trainees form strong bonds with their peers and mentors, sharing experiences and supporting each other throughout the training journey. This sense of community often extends beyond the training program and becomes a lifelong network.
  • Teaching opportunities: Completing a yoga teacher training program provides the necessary credentials and certification to teach yoga professionally. Whether it’s starting their own classes or joining established yoga studios, teacher training equips individuals with the skills and confidence to share the practice with others.
  • Health and well-being: Practicing yoga regularly has numerous physical and mental health benefits. By undertaking a teacher training program, individuals deepen their understanding of these benefits and gain the tools to help others improve their well-being through yoga.


  • The theoretical & practical knowledge of Yog science
  • Necessary knowledge of Patanjli Ashtang Yog
  • Basic and virtual knowledge of meditation
  • Ability and skill of mentoring , practically and theoretically Yogasana, Pranayam and meditation
  • Art of speaking and presentation yog spiritual science
  • Basic knowledge of Shat Chakra mean 7 spiritual shakti chakra’s spiritual science
  • Ability to explain and show the science of yoga in simple, intresting and nice language that can be under stood by the practitioner
  • Basic & necessary knowledge of human body biological system
  • Satvic Ahar, Vihar, Manovyapar( appropriate diet, traveling and mental attitude for yog)
  • Specific type of skill to guide yogic practical according to practitioners age, weight, height, constitution, physical stapling, mental interest and attitude & spirituality
  • Yog teacher should have spiritual nature, trust of knowledge that in god, a sense of respect and devotional to the Gurudev Acharya
  • Himself regularity in daily Yogic practice and meditation  

Curriculum of SMYA's YTT Course

  • 50+ yogasanas abhyas
  • 2P , 3P , CFC for perfect practice of Asanas
  • Anatomical, Alignment-pose-sequencing principals of Asanas
  • Modification of Asana
  • Fundamental Yogic wisdom of yogasana
  • Yogasanas type, aim & objective
  • Yogasanas classification
  • Yogasana advantages and health purpose
  • Precaution & restrictions for yogasana practice
  • Special thing to keep in mind while practice yoga
  • Three type of benefits of asanas
  • Proper breathing technique of every Yogasana
  • Pre perpetration – warm-ups & suppling exercise
  • Yogic supportive exercise
  • Yogic Laghu Kriya
  • Yogic Rotations
  • The science of Pranayama
  • Main Pranayamas practice
  • Pranayam: Ratio of breath
  • Fundamental wisdom and aim of Pranayam
  • Pranayam advantages & health purpose
  • Three type of benefits of Pranayam
  • Things to keep in mind while pranayam practice
  • Precaution & restriction for Pranayam practice
  • Pranayams types – Aim & objectives
  • Three important and basic thing for Pranayam Sadhana
  • What is Pranayam & types of Pranayam
  • Cosmic Energy & Pranayam
  • Pranayam use in Yogasana
  • Yogic science of Pranayama’s circulation & Nadis system
  • 7 breathing technique for Pranayama
  • Pre preparation of respiratory system for Pranayam sadhana
  • Improve the capacity, control and consciousness for Pranayam practice
  • Learn the real breathing technique for Pranayam Sadhana and for whole life
  • Improve capacity of breath retention
  • Improve capacity of Expansion & contraction of your both lugs.
  • Sinus cleaning is basic necessity of pranayam sadhana
  • What is meditation?
  • Clear out the mis-understanding about meditation
  • The spiritual science of mediation
  • Basic Preparation for mediation
  • Knowledge and wisdom of mediation  
  • After all for what the meditations is
  • Three basic things for meditation
  • Basic understanding of meditation ( Dhyan )
  • These three meditations are most necessary
  • Meditation practical
  • Meditation advantages
  • Why meditation is today’s most requirement
  • Understanding the concentration, relaxation & meditation
  • Sun salutation
  • Strong belly block
  • The butterfly 1-2
  • What is Bandhas?
  • What is Mudras?
  • The yogic science of Bandhas & Mudras
  • Basic necessity of Bandhas & Mudra’s skill in Pranayam abhyas
  • Awake your inner potential energy through Bandhas & Mudras
  • The wonderful science of Hast Yog Mudra
  • An inbuilt Health technique in your hand
  • Easy and effective Sadhana
  • Very useful for every body
  • Respiratory system
  • Digestive system
  • Blood circulation system

Prepare and clean internally yourself for Yog Sadhana

  • Yog, types of yog, origin of yog, it’s aim & objective
  • Yog, Ashtang yog understanding 
  • Ashtang yog +Hath Yog, A wonderful combination 
  • Let’s understand the sequence wisdom of yog 
  • seven spiritual shakti chakras and it’s yogic science 
  • wisdom science of mediation
  • yogic science of Nadis and circulation system of cosmic energy 
  • understanding of Trigunas & Tridoshas
  • knowledge wisdom of Panchtatwa 
  • The science of Panchtatwa & Hast yog mudra
  • Clarify & complete your understanding: Q&A in Holly meeting (Satsang)


  • What is the real health?
  • What is Swasthya?
  • Cause of disease according to Ayurveda 
  • Cause of disease according to Yog
  • Yog and Ayurveda connection & combination   
  • How to chant Brahamanad Aumkar
  • Shubhecha Mantra ( Well wishing for all )
  • Shanti Mantra ( Prayers for peace )
  • Prayer to mother land
  • Prayer Asanas -7
  • Trital celebration practice & advantages
  • Life is celebration
  • Laughter is best medicine
  • Dhun, Kirtan & Musical masti


  • Enthusiastic passion and firm determination for self real development
  • Age group : 18 to 50 years
  • The person who want  to get good and give good to world
  • The person who want to be an authentic certified yog trainer
  • The person who want to live financially self reliant, happy, healthy and holistic life
  • Anybody who want to be the fellow travelers of the real path of life.


You may start form bellow dates of current month

Date Duration Location
Date - 1st 60 Days Surat
Date - 5th 60 Days Surat
Date - 10th 60 Days Surat
Date - 15th 60 Days Surat
Date - 20th 60 Days Surat
Date - 25th 60 Days Surat


It is the first step on the real path of life to determine to be certified yog teacher from S M Y A 

Yoga teacher training course certifications play a significant role in the development and successful to be an qualified yoga trainer. 

Upon successful completion of YTT , individuals can obtain a recognized certification from S M Y A that qualifies them to teach yoga.. Furthermore, it enables them to share the profound benefits of yoga with others, helping individuals improve their physical fitness, reduce stress, and cultivate mindfulness in their lives.

 YTTC certificate makes yoga students more enthusiastic and interested for advance yog course and Deepened their Knowledge and personal Growth. Teacher training courses allow yoga instructors to deepen their personal practice and expand their knowledge of yoga beyond just the physical aspects. They delve into yoga philosophy, anatomy, physiology, energy systems, meditation, and more. This comprehensive understanding enriches their own practice and helps them inspire and guide students on a deeper level.

SMYA’s Yoga teacher training courses equip instructors with comprehensive knowledge and skills to teach yoga effectively because S M Y A’S Certified teachers have a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy, asanas (postures), alignment, sequencing, pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, and more. This enhances the quality of instruction and ensures students receive accurate and safe guidance. 



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YTTC (Yog Teacher Training Course)

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