Multi Farious Activities Of TRPOL

TRPOL Heartily dedicated to society for well being of all people and devoted to a task full vision with huge body of sadhakas of divya yog parivar, always ready to yogic, adhyatmic, spiritual and cultural activities for all type of social people.

Under the supreme observation and governing of S.M. commune, there are multi farious activities arrange through out year, and thousand of needful people and students of tribal area take benefit of these divine activities.

  • First and for most it gives real path, the perfect way to the human life.
  • To campaigns yog awareness marching to awake people about yogic science.
  • To organize yog science camp.
  • To organize yog vigyan & yog chikitsa mega camp for more than 5000 candidates.
  • To arrange meditation camp in to forest (natural Place) and also regularly in the yog center
  • To establish and runs the free of charge bal nitya yog sadhana kendra for children in city, urban as well as rural areas.
  • To establish MYC (Main Yog Centre) and conduct yog academic courses, yog and ayurvedic chikitsa (treatment) courses and yog sadhana and self development courses to create awareness about yogic science.
  • To establish branch yog center for general health courses for people of any age.
  • To organize free of charge yog prakharta shodh kasoti On MYC.
  • As a essence of S M Yog Academy and research institute.
  • To arrange a conference regarding yogic science seminars, demonstration and lectures related practical yog science to promote and share the techniques and opinion of incredible result of “Yog Vidhya”
  • To Conduct various type of academic certificate courses to awake and promote young generation for yogic science theoretically and practically to create perfect yog tutors.
  • The sadhakas of divya yog parivar runs the home yog centers to spread and propagate the yog as a part of yog awareness marching of TRPOL.
  • There are regularly organized the spiritual discourse of acharya shree under the title or “Nitya sadhana Gyan yagna” since last 21 yrs.
  • To organize the 1 Day Yoga camp to celebrates the universal yog day that is (21st June) Every Year.
  • To Run A Health Awareness Mission.
  • To deliver a series of discourses on yog science, spiritual science and awareness of health by acharya shree.
  • As a part of the awareness program of garbhasanskar vigyan, acharya shree give special speech on garbha sanskar science to couples for better most offspring and also arrange seminar for garbha sanskar.
  • TRPOL runs garbha sanskar centre for this type of particular course on garbhasanskar.
  • To publish, exhibit, subscribe and subsidize the periodicals books, literature, circular, albums, videos, etc.
  • Regarding yog science and spirituality to promote the objective of organize also publish the books on garbhsanskar vigyan written by yogacharya and nirudidi.
  • To arrange free of charge medical camp, eye checkup and spectacles distribution camp.
  • To organize blood donation camp.
  • To organize eye donation camp
  • To organize a huge and special camp for tribal and need full people to distributes general necessity like cloths, foods, blankets, to the poor people under the banner of “saptvidh seva yagna”
  • To organize a special camp for tribal areas ashramshala school to distributes the educational equipment to poor and needful student.
  • To visit orphanage and old age house to provide the necessary things.
  • To organize tree plantation programmer.
  • To run a campaign against hazardous addictions and arrange de addiction and rehabilitation programme.
  • To awake people for noise and pollution free eco-friendly festivals.
  • To awake people, TRPOL organize programme against base less beliefs and superstitions.
  • To celebrate eco-friendly religious festivals.
  • To undertake religious, spiritual and yog activities in order to realize the principal of communal harmony without being bias towards race, gender, age and monetary status.
  • Web page and social media’s activities to propagate and spread yog science at social national and international level.
  • To organize award distribution ceremony “The Real Path Of Life” award festivals yearly to promote the excellent talent of society and missionary spirit or organization.

Multi Farious Activities of TRPOL

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