26 Jul

” योग ही जीवन है – जीवन ही योग है
ध्यान योग है – योग ही ध्यान है
जितना ध्यान है – उतना ही जीवन है “

Yog is the Real Path Of life. Realise your Divinity on the Real path life. We Heartly well Comes you to be fellow traveller of the real path of life.


      Think You walk so Much and verry well, You run So Fast and carefully but the path you choose is not The Real Path Of life then All Your efforts will be invain. So Take care my Dear Friends About The Real Path Of Life. Because it Only The Way Which Lead You Towards Ultimate Goal Of Your Life.



Aum Anandam…

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YEC (Yog Entrence Course)

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