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Yoga Entrance Course

Start your yogic journey on the Real Path of Life with YEC organized by TRPOL in divine proximity of Yogacharya Shree Mahesha 

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Keep in mind

Keep in mind for good begining of yoga

A great beginning of yoga practice involves understanding the essence of yoga and establishing a strong foundation for your journey. Here’s a suggested starting point which are noticeable for beginners.
  • Set Your Intentions: Begin by clarifying your intentions for practicing yoga. Whether it’s to improve flexibility, reduce stress, enhance mindfulness, want to do any yogic treatment, or for general health to simply lead a healthier  lifestyle, having clear intentions will help you stay focused and committed.
  • Start with Basic Poses And  prepare your body for advanced yogic practice :,suppling exercise ,yogic purak kriya and some body rotations and  Begin with basic yoga poses that are suitable for beginners. These poses will help you build strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Here your trainer’s guidance is very important
  • Focus on Breath and Prepare your respiratory system for pranayama practice: Pay attention to your breath during your practice. Yoga is not just about physical postures; it’s also about the breath and the mind. Practice 7 breathing tecquiniqe to create base of pranayama
  • Listen to Your Body: Respect your body’s limits and avoid pushing yourself too hard, especially as a beginner. Yoga is not a competition; it’s a personal journey of self-discovery and growth. If a pose feels uncomfortable or painful, modify it according to your trainer suggestion ,also take a break for relaxing the body and breath
  • Consistency is Key: Start with short and manageable sessions, but be consistent. It’s better to practice yoga for a few minutes every day than to do a long session once a week. Consistency will yield better results and help you progress faster.
  • Find a Qualified Instructor and respect him : If possible, attend classes with a qualified yoga instructor who can guide you through proper alignment and techniques. A good instructor will ensure that you’re practicing safely and effectively.
  • Create a Peaceful Space: Designate a quiet and clutter-free space for your yoga practice. This environment will help you focus better and cultivate a sense of peace during your sessions.
  • Practice Mindfulness and meditative consciousness : Yoga is not just physical; it’s also about cultivating mindfulness and connecting with yourself on a deeper level. Consider adding a short meditation or mindfulness practice to your routine to enhance the mental benefits of yoga.
  • Be Patient and Kind to Yourself: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a strong yoga practice. Progress may be slow initially, but with consistent effort and patience, you’ll notice improvements over time. Treat yourself with kindness and avoid self-judgment.
  • Hydration and Nutrition: Stay hydrated and nourish your body with healthy foods. Proper hydration and nutrition are essential for supporting your yoga practice and overall well-being.
Remember, yoga is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the process, be open to learning, and let yoga enrich your life physically, mentally, and spiritually.


  • Fundamentals of Yoga: A beginner’s course would typically cover the basic principles and philosophy of yoga, including its history and origin.
  • Asanas (Yoga Poses): Students would learn the foundational yoga poses, their correct alignment, and how to practice them safely.
  • Pranayama (Breath Control): The course might include instruction on various breathing techniques to enhance energy and relaxation.
  • Meditation: Beginners often learn basic meditation techniques to calm the mind and improve focus.
  • Relaxation Techniques: Stress-reduction and relaxation techniques like Yoga Nidra might be taught.
  • Yoga Philosophy: Introduction to key yogic philosophies and concepts, including the eight limbs of yoga.
  • Anatomy and Physiology: Basic understanding of the body’s anatomy and how it relates to yoga practice.
  • Modifications and Props: Guidance on using props to adapt poses for different body types and abilities.
  • Sequencing: Learning how to create a balanced and safe yoga sequence.
  • Mindfulness and Awareness: Cultivating mindfulness and self-awareness through yoga practice.
  • Yogic Lifestyle: Exploring the holistic aspects of yoga beyond the physical practice, including diet, ethics, and daily routines.
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Curriculum of SMYA's YEC Course

  • Yogasanas practical abhyas, it’s Yogic Science , important, aim, in yog sadhana
  • Pranayam practical abhyas, is yogic science, aim in yog sadhana
  • Meditation abhyas, it’s spiritual science, aim, important
  • Shitili karan , Relaxation therapy
  • Divine health meditation
  • Accu Romp meditation
  • Bandhas, Mudras, it’s yogic science use and important
  • Brahmanad chanting, Mantra science and it’s benefits
  • Shatkarma practical abhyas for detoxification of mind & body
  • Yogic supportive exerciser for body flexibility
  • Basic breathing technique for self control on respiration and pranayam practice
  • Additional yogic exercise &  techniques for basic pre preparation for yog sadhana
  • Suggestion, precaution, restrictions and modification in practical yog sadhana
  • Do or don’t , and contraindication in practical yog sadhana
  • Sun salutation practical, it’s important, science and benefits
  • Yogasana base preparation
  • Pranayam base preparation
  • The science of trital celebration 
  • The practical sequence understanding
  • The laughter is best medicine (Hasyasana)
  • How to chant Brahamanad Aumkar
  • Shubhecha Mantra ( The science of shubhecha Mantra )
  • Shanti Mantra ( Prayers for peace )
  • Prayer to mother land
  • Prayer Asanas -7
  • Origin & ultimate aim of yog
  • Why, how, where & when  we should start yog sadhana 
  • SMYA’s YEC is a perfect beginning of yog
  • Yog is the real path of life
  • Important definition for yogic practice 
  • Ashtang yog path understanding 
  • Yog – Ashtang yog & yog types 
  • Introduction of Nadis and circulation of cosmic energy 
  • Introduction: seven spiritual shakti chakras
  • How & why YEC is also important to create base for advance yogic course 
  • Appropriate diet, digestion, digestive system
  • Question & answer for deepening yog understanding    


You may start form bellow dates of current month

Date Duration Location
Date - 1st 30 Days Surat
Date - 5th 30 Days Surat
Date - 10th 30 Days Surat
Date - 15th 30 Days Surat
Date - 20th 30 Days Surat
Date - 25th 30 Days Surat

For You

“Embarking on your yoga journey is a beautiful step on the real path of life  towards a healthier, more balanced life. As a beginner, remember that every pose you attempt, every deep breath you take, is progress. Your body and mind are unique, and it’s perfectly normal to have challenges along the way. Embrace these challenges as opportunities for growth, and don’t be discouraged by initial difficulties. With each practice, you’re nurturing a deeper connection with yourself, enhancing flexibility, and building inner strength. Keep your goals in mind, stay patient, and enjoy the transformation that yoga will bring to your life. You’ve got this!”

“Yoga is not a competition; it’s a personal journey of self-discovery and well-being. As a beginner, focus on the joy of movement, the peace of mind, and the sense of accomplishment you feel after each session. It’s perfectly fine to start small and gradually progress. The most important thing is to show up on your mat consistently, even on days when motivation wanes. In those moments, remember why you started this journey – to improve your health, find inner calm, and lead a more balanced life. Every time you roll out your yoga mat, you’re taking a positive step towards achieving those goals. Keep breathing, keep moving, and keep believing in yourself!”

Wish you all the Best

Aum Anandam!

YEC ( Yog Enterance Course)

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YEC (Yog Entrence Course)

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