SYSS affiliated TRPOL has benefited numerous people all over the nation through its unremitting divine activities since 22 years by its remarkable charity worth.

     DYP Of TRPOL’S is dedicated to the society, nation and world. A numbers of divya yog sadhakas always ready for well being of humanity
multifarious activities like yog propagation, health awareness, help and service to tribe people, all are completely free and run by the contribution of a generous donor and member of organization.

    with heartly humble request we call upon all the spiritual soul and generous donors who heartly went to prompt the divine activities of TRPOL’S to connect with us to contribute their holly donation to encourage our efforts for yog propagation, upliftment of social health, nationality education & Cultural activities of TRPOL.

    Any One individual of divine soul who wants to contribute for any of these divine activities please contact us.

    we always well comes you to be fellow traveller of the real path of life.

    Shiv yog seva sanstha trust is a registered organization active with the bless of lord shiva.

reg no. E/5732/SURAT, GUJRAT, INDIA

Sanstha deserve the 80G and 12A Certificate

Pan Details : AAETS2673M

: Bank Details :

Name Of Beneficiary : Shiv Yog Seva Sanstha Trust

Name Of Bank : Bank Of Baroda

Account Number : 07390200000939


Feed Back : Contributes should send their Feedback and details (Name, Address, Phone No, Pan No.) For Sanstha record….. Thank you

N.B.: You May Also Send the contributes Through cheque / DD in the name of shiv yog seva sanstha trust, payable at Surat accompanied by your name, address, and phone number etc.

This Donation is exemption under section 18(G) CIT-||| “Surat. Under refferance No. SRI/CIT-||| / Tech/80G(S)/12/42/05-06 Date:22/07/05

Note : SYSS do not have any refund policy Please chair out all doubt and query before donation

Thank you

Aum Anandam……..Aum Arogyam…….Aum Namah Shivay


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