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The natural treatment through Yogayurved therapy.



  • Etiological Reason (Did not find cause)of Any type of Psychosomatic Disorders & disease
  • All the reports cannot find a cause of pain.
  • Pain is continually rotate in Various body parts.
  • The body & mind will be unbalance.
  • Remain anxiety, stress, Fear, Depression Without any reason
  • Lack of refreshment and enthusiasm
  • Constant fatigue in the body and boredom in mind.
  • Schizophrenia and doubtful Mind
  • Lack of Decision Power and Confidence
  • Diseases of the mind that are occurred  by the ill physical condition   inferiority complex and suppression of emotions.
  • Dislike for life
  • Lack of willpower and confidence.
  • Sexual weakness and Loss of libido
  • Headache and Migraine
  • Lack of Physical and mental capacity
  • And Yogic Treatment of Hysteria, epilepsy, seizer, fits
  • Body and mind are not different but there are two ends of our nature. Body is a Physical mind and mind is a subtle body.  The body continuous effect on mind and Mind constant effects on the body.
  • A wonderful treasure of fitness, happiness and peace within you. which is surely get in your hand through yogic treatment.
  • Available in Yog Kendra Of ( Divya Yog Parivar ) The Real Path Of life

What is Psychosomatic Disorder ?

A psychosomatic disorder involves both the body and mind. These diseases have physical symptoms originating from mental or emotional causes. Most common causes are stress, anxiety, and depression.

If you have any type of Psychosomatic disorder, you may experience significant emotional and physical distress. Yogic Treatment can help to Cure all type of Psychosomatic disorder and help you to  improve your Complete Health & quality of life.

☛  Yoga For Psychosomatic Disorder

 (A Special yogic Treatment Course) Available in Yog Kendra (The Real path of Life )  Divya Yog Parivar.

  • Yoga For Psychosomatic Disorder a Special Yogic Course through which all types of Physical, mental and psychosomatic disorders can be cure.
  • It is a Complete Natural way to freedom From stress and psychosomatic disorder.
  • One can achieve mental peace without the use of any type of Harmful Medicine and you can also improve your Mind Power, Concentration, Memory, Decision power. As well as This Course blossom your life complete Naturally.

Consulting session is necessary  before starting the practical course.

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Yog = The Real path Of life
Ayurved = The Science Of life
Yoga+Ayurved = The Real path of life to Achive the ultimate swasthaya and longevity
Mean : The Science of livefull healthy Long living
Mean : Happy, Healthy and Holistic life through
Yog + Ayurved = Yogayurved

Healthy and active digestive system only can nourish  your body perfectly


Yoga For Psychosomatic Disorder

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