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Yoga For Respiratory System

The natural treatment through Yogayurved therapy.

Yoga For Respiratory System


  • Breathing Disorders
  • Asthma
  • Allergy
  • Common cold
  • Recurrent Cough
  • Sinusitis
  • Fatigueness,
  • Breathlessness
  • Chest pain, Heaviness of Chest
  • Difficult to Long breath
  • Recurrent Respiratory System Disease
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Yoga For Breathing Problem

  • No one can live for more than Few minutes without breathing but many people are unaware of the important of Pranayam and various type of yogic breathing technique and also dont know how to breath properly or what is the Real Breathing technique. They are use only a fraction of our potential respiratory Capacity. Pranayam Provides sufficient Oxygen for the correct and efficient functioning of every body cell. Without sufficient Oxygen, the Cells Cannot metabolize food and produce Energy properly and because of this nutrients and including precious vitamins and minerals of our food are wasted.
  • Yogic Breathing and breathing exercise Technique or Pranayama give supper efficiency and all type of Capacity to lungs. So any type of Respiratory disorder like Asthma, Allergy, Can be cure without any Hazardious Medication
  • Under the Supervision and master Guidance of yogacharya. The Yogic Breathing Pranayam according to self Necessity in seen as the important link between our Physical and Mental aspects. Pranayam cleans and strengthen the physical body but more than that its important benefit is for the mind which it calms, steadies and clears.
  • Asana that Supple our spine in all directions of movement, and that stretch and strengthen the muscles all around your upper torso, will help support your respiratory system by keeping respiratory muscles strong and flexible. Pranayama techniques are beneficial in treating a range of stress related disorders. Pranayama also improves the autonomic functions.

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Yog = The Real path Of life
Ayurved = The Science Of life
Yoga+Ayurved = The Real path of life to Achive the ultimate swasthaya and longevity
Mean : The Science of livefull healthy Long living
Mean : Happy, Healthy and Holistic life through
Yog + Ayurved = Yogayurved

Inhale the Essence of Life: Your Respiratory System, Your Vitality, Your Individuality!


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Yoga For Respiratory System

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