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Yog Awareness Marching

      TRPOL work with a task full purpose to spread and propagate the real precept and perfect practice of ancient system of yog science with vision of happy, healthy and holistic humanity.

   Without any discrimination people from all over the world are invited and accepted in this organization and is always ready to guide inspire & accompany to be fellow travelers of The Real Path Of Life.

   As a Part Of divine activities of TRPOL, SMYA runs yog awareness marching and under the supreme observation and governing of acharya shree mahesha, TRPOL arrange open ground yoga science camp and yog vigyan avum yog chikitsa mega camp through out year.

      TRPOL also establish 3 type Of Yog Centre , MYC (Main Yog Centre), Branch Yog Centre and Home Yog Centre They Are All actively working for yog awareness marching in various city, rural and urban level in order to make awareness of yogic science in every levels of people of society.

     Self yogacharya shree mahesha also held yog science and yog chikitsa mahashibir on demand of sponsorship with one protocol and condition that every open ground yoga camp under divine proximity of shree mahesha must be free of charge for all people. but desirous dona tor may contribute in fever of commune activities and prompt the yog awareness marching.

     As a part of yog awareness marching, SMYA runs various type of yog academic courses with banners of “The Real Path Of life” which included specially designated yog academic courses in the three category.

1. Basic Yog Academic Courses
2. Advance Yog Academic Courses
3. Special Yog Academic Courses

     Also Yogic Treatment courses runs By main Yog Centre and yoga For pregnancy and garbhasanskar courses runs in “MAA GARBHASANSKAR KENDRA” A Special Centre Wing Of TRPOL.

All type of course List Given Below.

      All Academic and treatment Courses Conduct by particularly trained and experienced yog teacher, Yoga professor and yog principle respectively who are certified and authorized by organization.

    Under the banners of yog awareness marching, all type of yogic camp and courses which are governing by organization under the name of “The Real Path Of Life” with divine task full aim to

1. Happy, Healthy And Holistic Humanity
2. self development and to awake inner potential power to make life successful in every positive aspects.
3. spiritual upliftment to be real realistic with higher state of consciousness and to create harmonious synergy between body, mind and soul to achieve the ultimate goal of human life.

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YEC (Yog Entrence Course)

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