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      Turn your life journey on the real path of life awake and elevate your potential energy through yoga for the ultimate goal of life with bless of lord Shiva in divine proximity of yogachharya Shree Mahesha.

      Every persons nature, beliefs, type of aim, faith, interests, efficiency, internal knowledge, thinking capacity and the base of cosmicity in never the same, because of this, any one type of spiritual method or process may not be useful or helpful to all. but the fact remains that there is no one on earth who can attain internal peach without knowledge. there is no one who can escape from their duty towards nature (Seva). No One who does not want to be Complete healthy (Swasthaya). But Who May Transfer their uncontrolled and unutilized energy into cosmic energy (ojas) again without balanced attitude (SAMATA) The enlightenment is not possible.

     For development of soul consciousness and eternal peace, yogachharya Shree Mahesha has founded The Real Path Of Life With the milestone of divine virtues like service (Seva), Holy Meeting (Satsang), Yogic Practice (Sadhana), Absolute balanced attitude(Samata), Complete Health (Swasthaya) and Peach (Shanti) With keeping in mind the basic requirement of human life.

     Achharya Shree Mahesha has founded The Real Path Of Life With a Extensive experiences of personal yogic practice of several years. which is extremely useful for every kind of people for development of soul consciousness to make life successful in its true sense.

      TRPOL a Perfect yogic path for complete spiritual upliftment for every one, well coming you to be fellow travelers.

  • SEVA (SERVICE): To Help, serve, give to needful without any expectation & egoism.
  • SATSANG (HOLLY MEETING): A spiritual Intimacy with sadguru acharya Througn heartly listning of divine discourses in his divine proximity
  • SADHANA (YPGIC PRECTICE AND MEDITATION): Regular Practice Of Divya nitya yog sadhana (DNYS) & meditation Abhyas
  • SAMTA (ABSOLUTE BALANCE): absolute balanced attitude of individuality with state of higher consciousness
  • SWASTHAYA (COMPLETE HEALTH): Physical fitness, mental soundness with spiritual consciousness followed by synergy between body mind and spirit also called “to stay in real form state of one self – SWASTHAYA
  • SHANTI (PEACE): Ultimate peace also called of samadhi or sovereign calmness
Aum Anandam
Aum Arogyam
Aum Namah Shivay

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