Yog Centres

As a part of yog awareness Marching, TRPOL Establish and Govern  yog center in 4 categories, main yog center (MYC), Branch Yog Centre (BYC), Home Yog Centre (HYC) and Bal Yog Centre (BlYC). The Aim of all type Of Yog centre Of TRPOL is to Spread and Propagate yog Vigyan and aware people about yogic science practically and also theoretically and thus indicate the real path of life.

MYC also runs Basic , Advance and special Yog Academic Courses Under The Governing of shree mahesha Commune (SMC). Yog trainer, Yog Tutor, Yog Teacher and advance yog academic courses passed loyal and authentical yog professor and yog principle conduct Theoretical Discourses and Take Practical schedule regularly on main yog centre (MYC).

MYC Also Organize Yog Sadhana Avam Yog Chikitsa shibir and BYC arrange Yog Sadhana shibir, Divya Yog Sadhana Shibir And Nitya Yog Sadhana Shibir.

Main Yog Centre also runs yogic And Ayurvedik treatments courses for all type of incurable disease and disorder. so thousand of patient take advantages of Yogic Treatment and to be liberates from hazardous medication and get physical and mental  Real Health that is “Swasthaya”

With the combination of Ayurveda and particular schedule according to disease type,  severity and patient need. MYC do yogic treatment so pt get incredible result in incurable disease and get new healthy and happy life.

MYC Also arrange various type of serviceable, spiritual and cultural Activities.  numbers of people take advantages of it.

Yogayurved Chikitsa

Yogayurved Chikitsa

Yogic and Ayurvedic treatment courses
Academic Yog  Courses

Academic Yog Courses

Certified Yogic courses
Yog Sadhana & Self Development Courses

Yog Sadhana & Self Development Courses

Individual Development

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YEC (Yog Entrence Course)

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