With a divine tankful aim of self individual spiritual development, TRPOL arrange all type of yogic camp and courses which are Governing by organization under the banners of yog awareness marching for,

1. Happy, Healthy And Holistic Humanity

2. self development and to awake inner potential power to make life successful in every positive aspects.

3. spiritual upliftment to be real religistic with higher state of consciousness and to create harmonious synergy between body, mind and soul to achieve the ultimate goal of humans life.

Start your life journey on the real path of life, awake and elevate your potential energy through yog sadhana for the ultimate goal of life with bless of lord shiva in the divine proximity of sadguru acharya shree mahesha

For self soul consciousness development and eternal peace, yogacharya shree mahesha has founded “The real Path of Life”

Achharya Shree Mahesha has founded The Real Path Of Life With a Extensive experiences of personal yogic practice of several years. which is extremely useful for every kind of people for development of soul consciousness to make life successful in its true sense.

Without any discrimination people from all over the world are invited and accepted in this organization and is always ready to guide inspire & accompany to be fellow travelers of The Real Path Of Life.

Under the governing of TRPOL, SMYA Also conduct self development (Individual Spiritual development Courses).

From Base to top There are sequential Several courses of yog sadhana for self development. so according to wish, will, interest, aim, necessity, ability and suitability, in compliance Of self temperament, sadhak can be choose sadhana or courses according to self compatibility and get deep and perfect knowledgeful guidance of theoretical and practical Yogabhyas of particular course they join.

The Spiritual development is the Real development & it is the aim of Human Life.

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YEC (Yog Entrence Course)

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